Commercial Photographer

Albury Wodonga

albury wodonga commercial photographyPhotography is an art and like any other creative profession, just having the tools is only a tiny part of what it takes to be a professional. It is an essential element for good Website Design/Development and will influence your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

In terms of an online eCommerce shop, it can be the difference between a sale or just looking!

My journey started capturing Wall Art photography of Australia, then progressing to editorial and lifestyle. Each step along the journey, taking what I learned in one genre and applying it to other genres, including other locations like Sweden and Scandinavia. 

It is great to see so many people getting into photography, but owning a camera does not make someone a photographer. In the same way, buying paintbrushes does not make me a painter.

The technical side of photography can be taught/learned, enabling one to understand the camera's mechanisms, composition elements, and the science of lighting.

That is about half of what it takes to be a professional photographer. The rest is creativity, experience, and innate aptitude for the image.

My photographic style is from the soul, with almost twenty years of experience across most photographic genres, patient learning, and appreciating mentors' guidance. It enables me to capture the subject's essence, whether property, portraits, products, or landscape wall art.

My professional photographic services give customers the confidence to benefit from the years of experience, learning, and innate talent that you only get from a professional.

Portrait photography needs to be more than just a photograph!

For me, it needs to capture the essence of the subject, whether it is a single person, couple or a family group. To have experience in many types of photography - landscape, lifestyle, product - creates an understanding of how different photography genres have a commonality in terms of technique, creativity, and ability to understand the subject.

The static group shot may be a nice image, but adding context/activity creates a better photograph. It is a memory, a moment in time, a reflection of the character of that person, couple or family.

The best portrait photography happens when the photographer's experience is across many genres of photography. Just being a technical photographer, without innate photographic creativity and understanding, results in a static image without revealing the character of the subject/s.

With over twenty years of experience as a professional photographer, across most photography genres, my imagery results from a real photographer's passion, innate creativity, and the ability to relate to the subject/s.

Good product photography is crucial in promoting your business/brand, whether via print or online.

Yet, it is an area where many people think any image will do. Image composition & quality don't just happen, so it is worth investing in professional photography to best present your online brand.

Getting your photography right also allows for better print presentation in brochures and advertising; this also ensures continuity of your brand's image across print and online.

The best real estate photography needs a balance of photographic, technical, elements and an ability to capture the details that create the aesthetic that makes a house, a home - colours, hues, textures, light, ambience, and botanic elements. These are the elements that will entice potential buyers to relate to the marketing of your properties.

In many cases, real estate photography has become too formulaic (homogenous) concerning how interiors/exteriors are photographed and presented.

For me, real estate photography (property styling) needs to capture the essence of the subject, which is to be marketed as a home and not just a house. To have experience in many types of photography - landscape, lifestyle, product - creates an understanding of how different photography genres have a commonality in terms of technique, creativity, and ability to understand the subject.

Property photography needs to reflect styling cues derived from an experienced (multi-genre) photographer, a true photographer's passion, and innate creativity.

Trucking and transport photography requires experience, knowledge, and understanding of how the transport system works and how to best photograph the transport/distribution with minimal disruption to the transport schedule.

Red Dust Snow prides itself in photographing trucks, trains, depots, and workshops without any disruption to the tasks at hand. After all, time is money, and if one needs to delay schedules, it cost the company money.

Moreover, better results result from photographing as the operation happens.