Simon Bayliss (Vie Media) photographed by his partner Elenor Tedenborg while on the NSW Sth Coast

I remember, only too well, not being able to find the right web developer for a project.

The lack of anyone offering the best-fit system for the job and a designer who was a good match for myself and the CEO was my INSPIRATION!

The Web Developer Solution?

At the time, I was dabbling in WordPress and Mambo (which split into Joomla!). I decided I could be the web designer, developer, content writer and photographer for both Outback NSW Tourism and the associated Darling River Run project.

But Wait, it Goes Back to 2001

But my passion for the internet and website development goes back a little further. I created Plantnet, Australia's first online plant nursery, in 2000 using Cold Fusion. But I digress.

WordPress > Joomla Dilema

From the start of the 2008 projects, Joomla was the preferred platform as it was more suited to the need for something that was more than a blogging site (which was its origins) and something more customisable and more in line with my background and understanding of databases.

Team Recognition

Both the Outback NSW Tourism and Darling River Run projects won awards (for the group) and were highly successful online tourism resources (for travellers). Before I knew it, I developed Joomla websites from the Corner Country in Farwest NSW to Sydney.

Diversity Teachings

I not only developed and designed websites but also managed and hosted them for clients as diverse as locals and regional tourism stakeholders, as well as large e-commerce websites for the likes of AMF Magnets (at the time, the largest distributor of magnets in the southern hemisphere), all built in Joomla and Hikashop for the e-commerce functionality.

I have always had a great interest in and comprehension of new technologies; it is a personal passion and an element of my being that helps me help my clients utilise the best technology to find the best solution for what they need to achieve.

Outside In Approach

The other approach, encapsulated in the following premise, I use for my client's success is "Look from the outside in, not the inside out" - an essential paradigm for any business, but even more so when that interaction is online.

Getting SAASy

More than the technology itself, the endgame for me is to see clients benefit from my twenty years of experience and my insatiable thirst for knowledge, and that includes utilising new types of technology, namely SAAS (Service as a Subscription) like Squarespace (Content Management System) and Shopify (E-Commerce).

Silent Trees and Website

"If a tree falls in the forest with no ears to hear, does it make a sound?" It's a great philosophy, but what does it have to do with a website?

People often comment on how good, flashy, and technically innovative a website is, but if no one uses it, is it that good?

That is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. It enables the project to be appreciated and creates the opportunity for the project to contribute to the success of the business and brand.


I am passionate about helping clients realise their online dream and have their potential clients use it. Not once, but repeatedly. That is when the website design, development, SEO, and digital marketing process work in synchronicity.

And... that is why I love doing what I do... for the client!

Simon Bayliss

"I should be as happy with your website as you are!"

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